Sexual Assault Victim Files $4 Million Lawsuit Against Arizona Department of Corrections


A female teacher has filed a $4 million claim in a lawsuit against the Arizona Department of Corrections for the sexual abuse she endured while teaching in a local prison. 

The woman, who had been teaching inmates at the facility, was allegedly left alone in a classroom with multiple convicted sex offenders when the attack occurred. Inmate Jacob Harvey was ultimately indicted on charges of sexual assault, kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the incident, according to AZ Central. 

The teacher is citing gross negligence on behalf of the state, which did not provide supervision in the classroom where she was teaching seven sex offenders. Although six of those individuals left the room after the class was over, Harvey reportedly stabbed her with a pen, brutally beating and raping her. The incident took place on January 30. 

According to MSN, the prison has already been adjusting its approach since the attack took place by installing security cameras and scheduling regular check-ups. Still, the prison maintains that none of its security policies were violated in the lead-up to the assault. 

The victim’s attorney Scott Zwillinger, however, claims that the prison needs to rethink their approach.

“The folks who work in the prisons have probably one of the most dangerous jobs that people can have. But they still have a right to be safe, and to know that when they go to work in the morning they’re going to be home with their families. That has to be addressed, it has to be talked about, it has to be corrected,” Zwillinger said. 

Sources: AZ Central, MSN


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