"Sexpresso" Bars: Topless Baristas Serving Espresso

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Espresso isn't the only thing frothing at coffee shops in Washington state; several of them now feature topless baristas. Well, almost topless -- they wear pasties, as well as only panties to protect them from the hot steam.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, five of these "sexpresso" bars, as they are known, have cropped up in Port Orchard, near Seattle. They have such names as "Fantasy Espresso," "Espresso Gone Wild," and a personal favorite "Steamy Grounds."

"Sex sells, and we're the busiest coffee stand in Kitsap County," said barista Vanessa Olson.

But of course some killjoys complained and now local county officials are considering regulations, including banning anyone younger than 18 from using the stores.

"You (would) have to have someone checking the cars as they go through the line making sure all of the occupants are 18," Larry Keeton of the County Department of Community Development told KATU.com

Sexpresso owners say such regulations could hurt businesses -- and not only theirs.

"There's a lot of vendors we all use, too," said Espresso Gone Crazy owner J.J, Wilson. "This just doesn't touch those in the stand, but out of the stand as well."

He added, "There's a smaller minority of people trying to speak for a large majority."


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