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Sex on the First Date: Go for it

As a certified love coach, and dating and relationship expert I believe everyone should be involved in a healthy, loving and fulfilling relationship with lots of sex and intimacy. However, there are singles out there that simply want to date, or have casual sex, and that's okay too. But what I am here to share with you, is not whether or not you should have casual sex, or have a healthy relationship. Rather, I am here to advocate for thinking outside of the box. I want you to consider for a moment, that intense, enjoyable, multi-orgasmic sex may in fact lead to a healthy relationship.

No doubt, my opinion is probably upsetting woman's rights groups, and family groups out there. Why would this man advocate for men and women to be promiscuous and have lots of sex? And I can see their point of view. But can they see mine? Since we are all animals with a sex drive, we also have an animalistic desire for sex. We also have biological needs for sex, for love, and for intimacy.

However, what if great sex, leads to a great relationship? Perhaps you should try this theory out tonight? Have sex with that guy or girl you are seeing, or maybe with just a friend. What happens if you come like never before? What happens if all your biological chemicals line up inside your brain like ducks in a row, and this guy or girl you have friendship with also happens to give you the best climatic release since the stripper you slept with when you were 21? It's entirely possible, and not well thought out by most people. So start thinking. What if that girl you have a friendship with, everything is perfect, you are friends, you like spending time with her, but you don't feel attraction? Yet you decide to take the plunge and have sex with her. She blows your mind. What happens next? A relationship is inevitable.

If this were business, and dating and relationships were logical, then thinking outside the box and considering all of the possibilities would be mandatory. Why not in dating? Why not have sex and see if that friendship balloons into friendship with orgasms. Dare I say this might be outside the box, but most successful ideas spawn from outside the box type thinking.

What if you slept with that hot girl on the first date instead of building the relationship? Is she a slut? Are you a stud? Or did you just think outside the box, and have the strong physical attraction clinched. Maybe you like her now because she's open minded. The question is can you be too?


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