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Family Fights Off Sex Offender After Break-In

A California family was forced to fight off a sex offender after he broke into their home and snuck into their children's room.

A 12-year-old who was inside the home described what happened when she woke up to an intruder in the room she shares with her younger sister.

"I asked him a lot of times, 'Who are you?' Like about the third time I asked him, he starts trying to go down on his knees," the girl told KABC. 

The girl says that when the man started touching her, she banged on the walls to her parents' room and screamed to get their attention.

"The first thing my mom saw when she opened the door was his private parts because he was naked," the 12-year-old said.

According to KABC, police have identified the suspect as 30-year-old Derek Lamont Fowler, a convicted sex offender.

Police say Fowler entered the San Bernardino home through the girls' bedroom window after walking through the backyard, the Los Angeles Times reports.

When the girls' family heard the commotion, they ran in to confront the intruder. The girls' father and brother-in-law ran in first and began throwing punches before the victim's two older sisters came in to help.

"At this point, we Tased him down," one older sister said. "I grabbed my pepper spray, we pepper sprayed him."

After learning Fowler's identity and criminal history, the victim's mother said she was angry that he was even allowed to walk the streets.

In 2010, Fowler was convicted of sexual battery. He was then convicted twice for failing to register as a sex offender. Most recently, he was convicted of indecent exposure and was released early on probation.

"This is a glaring example of the failure of the system," Lt. Mike Madden of the San Bernardino Police Department told KABC. "We have an individual who had multiple prior arrests and convictions. He was a registered sex offender."

Fowler was arrested after the incident and charged with burglary and lewd and lascivious acts with a child. 

The victim says she still doesn't feel safe in her own home, despite the fact that Fowler is back in jail.

"I always have it running through my mind," the girl said. "And it gets me scared, and it makes me feel unsafe."

Sources: KABCLos Angeles Times / Photo credit: San Bernardino Police Department via Los Angeles Times

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