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Sex Offender Sues Over Mandatory No Trick-Or-Treat Sign, Child Molester Defends It


While a sex offender filed a lawsuit over a mandatory door sign requirement, a child molester came to the its defense.

Jerry Evans, a registered sex offender in San Diego, California, said he believes the sign — which reads, “We do not participate in trick-or-treating” — is necessary.

“It is a good thing,” Evans said.

Evans spent 20 years in prison for his crimes, and will now spend Halloween locked in his home from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m., as per the state’s law.

“I had molested my children. I had molested several other young girls,” he told reporters.

Evans’ support for the law comes as another sex offender, whose victim was an adult, sued on the grounds that it’s unconstitutional to force all sex offenders to put the pre-made sign on their door. 

While Evans said the sign is “designed to protect the public, i.e. primarily the children,” he believes it should be mandatory only for offenders whose crimes involved children.

A decision regarding the sign is expected to be made before Halloween.

Sources: 10 News, Los Angeles Times / Photo credit:


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