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Sex Offender James Lyons Charged for Sex with Dog

James Lyons, a sex offender who spent 13 years in jail, was arrested again in St. Johns County, Florida for allegedly having sex with a dog.

Bestiality has only been illegal in Florida for two years.

An unidentified neighbor of Lyons recently filed a police report that claims he let his two dogs outside, and one of the dogs went in Lyons’ yard on Saturday.

Later, the neighbor could not find his dog, but saw Lyons carrying the dog from his trailer. Lyons told the owner that he found the dog in his shed.

The owner told authorities that he had checked the empty shed shortly before he saw Lyons. The owner also noticed that his dog was acting withdrawn, and there were injuries to the dog's rectum and vulva.

According to The St. Augustine Record, an emergency veterinarian who examined the dog “suspected animal abuse and bestiality” and Lyons was arrested.

Lyons was charged with “animal cruelty and sexual activity involving an animal,” reports WTEV.

Lyons was released from prison in 2011, after serving 13 years for attempted sexual battery on a child and a sexual act with a child in 1998.

Sources: The St. Augustine Record and WTEV


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