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Sex Offender David Polanco Stopped by Good Samaritans After Kidnapping Attempt

David Polanco was chased down by a group of good Samaritans after they saw him grabbing an 18-year-old woman and trying to kidnap her. Polanco, a registered sex offender, was booked on suspicion of kidnapping. He is being held in at the Los Angeles County jail on $100,000 bail.

The young woman "willingly spent a number of hours" walking around with Polanco after meeting him on Wednesday. According to police, Polanco allegedly "grabbed her around the waist from behind and attempted to pull her away while walking in an alley."

Someone called 911 after witnessing the two struggle, reports the LA Times. A group of men sitting at a nearby café saw what happened and chased down Polanco after he tried to flee the scene.  

"I yelled to him, 'Stop!' and I figured he'd stop if he was innocent," Terry Kuwahara told a local television station. "But he didn't. He took off." Kuwahara continued: "So I went after him. I just grabbed him by the back of his shirt and jerked him down." Two other men assisted Kuwahara. One of them, who wasn’t identified said: “We followed him around the corner and Terry had him down. We ... held him down and waited for police.”

Police said it was possible that Polanco was involved in a series of recent kidnapping attempts in Whittier, Calif. They have asked anyone who might have had "suspicious contact" with him to contact police. Anyone with information is asked to call detectives at (562) 567-9270.

A video about the incident is below:

Source: (LA Times)


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