Father With Gun Stops Man From Entering Teen's Bedroom

A 26-year-old Tennessee man who allegedly tried to have sex with a 13-year-old girl has been arrested.

Justin Kyle Phelps reportedly contacted the teen online and tried to set up a meeting to have sex, WGHP reports.

Phelps, who is a registered sex offender, was convicted of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor in a different case in 2011.

Phelps is reported to have initially presented himself in late 2016 to the teen as a fellow 13-year-old girl named Vicky. After the two bonded online over modeling, Phelps reportedly began to talk about sex, and tried to set up a meeting with the girl.

According to Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Agent Chris L. Jones, "Vicky" began to talk to the girl about oral sex, and offered to introduce her to a boy who could "teach her" about oral sex.

"The victim stated that she then received a friend request from 'Justin Meh' who claimed to be 17 years old," said Jones.

The girl reportedly talked to Justin Meh, who police have said was really Justin Phelps, about oral sex, and Phelps reportedly asked the teen to send him nude photos of herself and eventually obtained her address.

Phelps reportedly attempted to enter the young girl's bedroom on two occasions.

In February, Phelps allegedly told the girl he was on his way to her home. He said that he "lived in another county which was about an hour's drive" from where she lived.

That evening, the teen's mother "heard the family dog barking" and entered her daughter's room to investigate. When she walked in, she saw "a very thin male" trying to enter through the window. The man reportedly ran away once he saw the girl's mother.

Jones said that the teen then told her parents about the conversations she had been having with "Justin" and "Vicky" on Facebook.

The second time Phelps tried to enter the girl's bedroom allegedly happened in March, after the parents had reportedly set a trap by pretending to be their daughter on Facebook.

Phelps reportedly arrived at the girl's window to find her father holding a gun. After seeing the man, Phelps ran away, according to a criminal complaint.

Police arrested Phelps on March 13, charging him with solicitation of a minor and aggravated statutory rape, as well as sex offender registry violations, according to WBIR.

Authorities are investigating after finding evidence of other possible victims on Phelps' phone.

After Phelps posted $25,000 bond for the previous charges, investigators with ICAC obtained warrants for his arrest, this time charging him with perjury and sex offender registry violations. Each of the two charges carry a $10,000 bond.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Morris is reportedly seeking a psychological evaluation for Phelps, saying that he has "reasonable cause to believe" that Phelps may not be competent to stand trial, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports.

Sources: WGHP, WBIR, Knoxville News Sentinel / Photo Credit: WBIR

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