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Two Sex Offenders Busted For Impersonating Police (Photos)

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Two registered sex offenders were arrested during a traffic stop after deputies realized that the men were impersonating police officers. 

Erik Brubaker, 35, and his passenger, Caleb Barnhart, 20, were pulled over near Wooster, Ohio, after deputies spotted Brubaker driving erratically, according to WJW. 

When Brubaker stepped out of the car, deputies realized he was wearing a shit with "Police" sewn into it and a metal badge pinned to the front. He also had a belt with handcuffs and pepper spray. 

Barnhart's shirt also had a metal badge on the front. 

"Certainly any time you pull somebody over and they are wearing a badge and have the word police across the front that's going to cause additional questions on behalf of any officer conducting that stop," said Wayne County Sheriff's Office Captain Doug Hunter, according to WJW. 

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Police realized that both men were registered sex offenders and Brubaker was driving on a suspended license.

Initially, Brubaker claimed that he was a security guard and he was wearing his uniform for a shift later that day. 

WJW reports that Brubaker later admitted that wasn't true. 

The pair were questioned separately and Barnhart confessed that they were on their way to confront a woman who was testifying against a friend of Brubaker's in a rape case.

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"It appeared that the reason he was wearing this uniform may have been to intimidate this young lady to answer his questions or perhaps to go away with him to some other location," Hunter said, according to WJW. 

Brubaker's friend, Tanner Davis, 18, is currently awaiting trial on a rape charge and has entered a not guilty plea, according to WJW. 

Brubaker told police that the woman had lied about Davis. 

"I was gonna get a recorded statement... her confessing," Brubaker said, according to WEWS. "I wasn't going to do nothing to her."

According to Hunter, there was a chance that the pair meant to abduct the woman. 

"The phrase that the one suspect used that they were 'going to take this person away,' so I take that as abduction, kidnapping or even worse," he said, according to WEWS.

Brubaker was charged with driving on a suspended license, but posted bond and was released. Barnhart remains in custody on a probation violation.

Prosecutors are reviewing the case and determining if the pair will face other charges, such as intimidation of a witness and impersonating a police officer, according to WEWS. 

WEWS reports that Brubaker was previously convicted of gross sexual imposition against a victim under the age of 13 and Barnhart was convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Sources: WJW, WEWS / Featured Image: Edward Kimmel/Flickr / Embedded Images: Wayne County Sheriff's Office via WEWS (2)

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