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Sex Crimes Detective Arrested For Engaging In Sex Crime With Minor Online

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In a real-life incident analogous to Dexter’s blood splatter pattern analyst turned serial killer, a sex crimes detective has pleaded guilty to engaging in an illicit sexual relationship with a minor. While the San Jose, Calif.-based police detective’s crimes are much less violent than those of the recently-off-the-air Showtime character, they are equally as disgusting. 

Tony Fregger, the 34-year-old detective who plead guilty to the crime, had been working for the San Jose Police Department for eight years. He worked for the Sexual Assault Investigation Unit since early 2010, where part of his responsibilities included investigating crimes in which adults communicate with and share graphic photos with minors via online platforms. That’s exactly what Fregger admitted to doing himself. 

Fregger claims that he met a girl on Facebook who informed him that she was 17. According to Business Insider, Fregger then sent her a message indicating that he thought she was 21. In reality, however, she is 16. 

The two continued sending each other messages, and the girl ultimately sent Fregger nude pictures of herself at the detective’s request. It is illegal for adults to solicit nude photos from any individual under the age of 18. 

Deputy District Attorney David Ezgar expressed his embarrassment that one of his officers engaged in the exact activity which he was assigned to prevent. 

“Mr. Fregger was engaged in investigating these crimes against minors and he engaged in one,” Ezgar said to CBS Local, “He was specifically informed she was a minor and forged ahead and obtained sexually explicit photos of her.”

Fregger was initially arrested in July and released from jail after posting a $75,000 bail. During his court hearings, however, he pleaded guilty and is scheduled to serve at least six months in jail. He also lost his job with the San Jose Police Department. 

Speaking with the San Jose Mercury News, Ezgar remained firm on his former employee.

“He has paid a severe price. He has lost his job, his reputation and will be incarcerated like the criminals he used to investigate,” Ezgar said, adding, “Certainly as a police officer in the sex crimes unit, he knew what he was doing was illegal. He knew that better than anyone else.”

Sources: Business Insider, San Jose Mercury News, CBS Local


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