on its Way to Being Donated to PETA?


By Karin Bennett

Things that nonbelievers thought were never going to happen but did: "Octomom" saying "Yes" to our spay-and-neuter billboard, the Large Hadron Collider smashing proton beams into one another, and (drumroll, please) author, social entrepreneur, and longtime vegetarianMichael Mann agreeing to donate his half of the hotly sought-after $50 million domain to PETA (pending IRS approval of this tax-deductible donation, of course).

Mann's offer to donate his share of has us poised to tell the world that a vegan diet supports a lifetime of good health and great sex. If all goes as planned, visitors to the new site will see our sizzling ads such as "Veggie Love" and get information that will help turn on carnivores to the power of "veggie Viagra."

Mike's generosity makes everyone a winner: He'll score a huge tax write-off, meat-loving men who tend to limp through their later years (thanks to their artery-clogging diets) will learn how to make their sex lives sizzle by going vegan, and countless animals will be saved from the horrors of factory farms and slaughterhouses.


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