Sex Abuse Expert Won't Feel Bad For Raped Girls (Video)

Some girls at Humble High School in Texas are upset over a female guest speaker who recently lectured ninth and tenth grade girls on rape and teen dating violence (video below).

"She said when she moves the cover from over your face and they start swabbing and combing the hair, she was explaining the rape kit, she said she would not feel bad for us," Chantranise Lane, a sophomore, told KHOU. "She said she would tell us, 'Oh I told you this was going to happen to you.'"

The unidentified speaker/counselor was brought in to address and empower an all-girl assembly as part of International Women's Day, notes the Houston Chronicle.

She was scheduled to speak about dating violence and awareness of sexual assaults. The speaker reportedly got upset because some of the girls were talking during her speech.

The school district released a statement to KHOU following the assembly:

Some comments addressed that one’s clothing and social media activity creates impressions. As students asked questions, school staff members noticed that some students were upset and so they stepped in and ended the assembly about 15 minutes early. The school did not repeat the assembly in the afternoon as planned. We never want any student to feel uncomfortable and will be meeting with those who have concerns so that we can prevent future misunderstandings.

Zaria Rogan, a sophomore, told KHOU: "They shouldn't be telling students that just because you're posed a certain way, you're going to get assaulted. That shouldn't happen. You need to teach the boys not to do that."

Some girls were also upset that boys were not present during the speaker's message.

If somebody comes at me and I tell them 'No, you stop what you're doing,' that is a no," Emily Nelson, a student, stated. "So if boys are not being taught this and they're being taught that if we portray ourselves like this then they can do what they want to us, then that's never going to change.

"II'm not mad at them about trying to teach us about respect, but it should have just been addressed in a better way." Faith Jordan, a student, added.

Sources: KHOUHouston Chronicle / Photo credit: KHOU via SanVic/YouTube

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