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1-Year-Old Dog Found With Neck Gashed By 'Deeply Embedded' Choke Chain, Owner Sought (Photos)

A dog was recently found running through traffic in Oxnard, CA, with a choke chain embedded three centimeters into her neck. 

A passerby picked up Levi, the 1-year-old American bulldog and brought her to Ventura County Animal Services, California's largest open admission, no-kill shelter, the agency's facebook post on Saturday read.

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Dr. Heather Skogerson, the veterinarian who treated Levi, believes that the metal collar had been growing into the skin for six months or longer. The 70-pound dog had urine stains on her, suggesting that she was “not able to get away from her own waste,” according to Ventura County Animal Services’ Facebook page. 

The medical team rushed Levi into surgery and successfully removed the chain and stitched and bandaged her gaping wound that had also caused the lower portion of her neck to become engorged, ABC 7 reports.

Since her arrival, she has reportedly been in high spirits and has been affectionate despite her serious injury.

“Perhaps the most gut-wrenching and the most touching thing about her arrival is that she was still wagging her tail --- still giving out kisses,” the Facebook post says.

Levi is on one of the lucky ones, who found help and is now on track to live a better life, says Skogerson, who hopes that the affectionate American Bulldog’s story will remind people to be vocal about animal cruelty.

There is a “link between animal abuse, child abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse," she said, urging people to speak out when they see or suspect animal cruelty.

Levi is doing well and is on track to a full recovery, but the energetic white and brindle dog will still need a lot of care until she heals fully. She is going to a medical foster home on Tuesday while she heals.

“She will need careful monitoring and daily bandage changes while waiting for healthier tissue to form,” the shelter says.

Folks at the shelter promise to put Levi in a loving home.

“Our promise to this sweet girl is as follows: You will never be treated with such blatant disregard for your welfare ever again,” they said.

The incident is still under investigation, KTLA reports. The shelter asks that anybody who has information regarding the owner’s identity contacts Officer Bryan Bray at 805-383-4717.

Sources: KTLA, ABC, Facebook

Photo Credit: WikiCommons, KTLA


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