Severed Head of Infant Discovered in Cannibal Brothers’ Home in Pakistan

Three years after having been jailed for cannibalism, a man in Pakistan was again been arrested on the same charges.

Mohammad Arif Ali was arrested in April after neighbors reported that the foul smell of rotting flesh was emanating from his house.

When police raided the house, they found the severed head of a two-day old child.

According to officers’ accounts, Arif Ali admitted that he had eaten the newborn infant’s body.

Ameer Abdullah, police chief of the district in which the village is located, said that “Arif has been arrested and he has confessed that his brother brought the dead body of the newborn from the nearby graveyard.”

Arif allegedly also told police that both he and his brother “later cooked the dead body and ate it.”

Arif Ali was arrested in the same town 2011 after he and his brother, Mohammad Farman Ali, stole the body of a dead woman from her grave. The brothers later admitted to having chopped her limbs, which they made into a meat curry.

Because Pakistan does not have a law banning cannibalism, the brothers were charged with desecrating the grave.

The case shocked people around the world; when the brothers’ sentences ended in May 2013, their release from jail was met with public protest in Darya Khan village.

Both brothers had been married with children, but both were abandoned by their wives before their 2011 arrests.

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