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7-Year-Old Francesca Williams Attacked by Foot-Long Rat

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Francesca Williams, 7, was bitten on her face and arm by a foot-long rat. The nasty rodent hopped on her bed and crawled between the sheets while she slept at her home in Symonds Yat, Hertfordshire. Her mother, Wendy, woke to the sound of her daughter screaming. When the 35-year-old rushed into her daughter’s room, she found her covered in blood.

"Francesca woke up after feeling something crawling on her leg and when she moved it bit her,” said Ms. Williams. "You just never think a rat would come into your home, let alone bite your child - it's unbelievable."

The rat attack happened last week. Francesca was traumatized by the incident and has only just begun sleeping in her own room again. Hattie, the family dog, sniffed out the vicious rat. Hattie found it lurking under the bed and killed it, reports The Sun.

Thankfully Francesca has been medically cleared by doctors.

Ms Williams said: "You hear about rats carrying diseases and so we worried Francesca may have caught an infection but she's been to the doctors and has been given some antibiotics and luckily everything is okay. It could have been so much worse. What if it had bitten her near her eye or if the rat had bitten a baby? It's frightening."

Source: (The Sun)


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