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'They Were Squealing': Pit Bull Puppies Recovering After Being Thrown Off Bridge In Plastic Bag

Seven pit bull puppies are recovering after someone apparently put the dogs in a plastic bag and tried to throw them off a Fort Worth, Texas, bridge.

Rudy Martinez, the owner of a nearby business, told KDAF News that some passersby found the animals recently.

“Some girls said they had heard something in a bag,” he said. “There were 10 little puppies in there. We called the police for them and put (the puppies) underneath that tree over there.”

Officer Gigi Hempstead responded to the call. 

“You could tell they were very hungry. They were squealing for mama,” she said of the puppies. 

Hempstead coordinated with Cody’s Friends Rescue, a local dog adoption organization, to help find someone to nurse the dogs back to health. 

Brad Smith, a volunteer who provides a foster home for the organization, agreed to take the pups in. He said three of them didn’t survive, but the remaining seven appear to be doing well. 

“We weren’t sure if any of them were really going to make it at all,” Smith said, adding that the survivors will be ready in about two months to be placed in permanent homes. 

“They’re going to take a little longer than regular puppies are just because there are a lot of variables with them,” he said. “A lot of conditions that have to be taken care of, but we’re pretty hopeful.”

The recent discovery is similar to another Fort Worth-area incident that occurred a few months ago and also had a happy ending. 

Cody Kyles, 16, of Wise County, got a call from a friend who said he had just seen someone throw a bag full of puppies off a bridge, WFAA News reported at the time.

Kyles told the news station that he met his friend at the bridge and found four puppies alive in the bag. Five others had not survived. 

“They were making a lot of noise... they were screaming,” he said.

About the same time, 18 miles away, someone brought a stray dog into Celine Ashley’s animal shelter. 

She said acquaintances pieced together, through social media posts, that the litter Kyles discovered might belong to the stray at her shelter, so she organized a reunion.

Ashley said once the puppies were all in the same room with the stray there was no doubt she was the mother.

“She took to them right away,” Ashley said. “She went right to them, started nuzzling them and licking them.”

Sources: KDAF News, WFAA News

Photo Credit: KDAF News


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