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Mother Suspected Of Drunk Driving After Car Crash Kills Her 7-Month-Old Baby


A 22-year-old Milwaukee woman faces charges of homicide by drunk driving after inadvertently killing her 7-month-old boy in a rollover crash. 

The accident happened in the early morning hours of Wednesday, Mar. 18. Police officials believe that the woman was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

According to witness reports, the woman's SUV was bounding down the street recklessly when she lost control of the vehicle. Eventually, the car hit a fence, a pole, and a building. It finally rolled over on its side to a skidding halt. 

A report reveals that the car was pinned against a pole at a 90-degree angle. Inside, the mother was trapped in the driver's seat and had to be removed by emergency services. The child, O'Ryan, was discovered in a car seat hanging upside down in the car. The boy was unresponsive and hanging loosely from the seat. 

Emergency medical officials attempted to revive the child who had suffered from swelling to the head and abdomen. However, his health began to quickly decline and he died on the way to the hospital.

The mother was seemingly unaware that the child was in the car at all, telling officials that she needed to get to work in the morning as she was being transported to the hospital. 

Upon investigating the crash site further, they discovered the car seat had a broken carrier handle and was not properly latched to the seat. 

O'Ryan's father, Richard Shaw, spoke to reporters saying that she was a good mother who made a very big mistake. 

“I just couldn’t believe that she was driving and didn’t secure the baby," Richard Shaw said. "I know she didn’t mean to. I know that she thought she was doing right. I know she could have thought she could drive. She would never intentionally hurt our children, or hurt our son. This situation right now, just, I don’t know what to say. I’ve never been through this before."

The child was pronounced dead at Milwaukee Children's Hospital later that morning. His cause of death was found to be blunt force injuries to the head.

For now, a makeshift memorial has been put together at the scene of the crash in honor of the boy.

Relatives of the family say the woman involved in the crash is Regina Mitchell.

Milwaukee's District Attorney will lead the case against the mother as the charges are brought against her in the coming days.

Source: FOX 6 Photo Credit: FOX 6


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