Seven Men Sentenced To Death For Raping Group Of Women

Seven Afghani men involved in a high-profile gang rape have been sentenced to death for their crime.

On August 23, a large group of men reportedly stopped a trail of cars that the victims were traveling in with their families to Kabul. The perpetrators, who were reportedly dressed as police officers, dragged the women out of their cars, beat them, robbed them, and raped them. Reports say that one of the women was actually pregnant.

“We went to Paghman with our families,” said one of the victims. “On the way back, they took us, one of them put his gun on my head, the other one took all our jewellery [sic], and the rest started what you already know.”

Demonstrators reportedly gathered outside of the courthouse and erupted into cheers when Police Chief Kahir Kahir called for a public hanging.

“We want them to be hanged in public, so that it will be a lesson for others,” said Kahir. “We arrested them with police uniforms. They confessed to their crime within two hours of their arrest.”

The men have been given the right to appeal their sentence, but reports say it will likely not be changed due to negative public opinion of the perpetrators.

Sources: Al Jazeera, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, BBC News


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