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Sesame Street to Teach Children about Parents Being Incarcerated

Sesame Street is planning on teaching young kids about coping with mothers and fathers going to prison in a new educational program.

Called "Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration," the program launched earlier this week.

The campaign is aimed at helping three- to eight-year-old kids in America deal with their parents being incarcerated, as America has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Included is a toolkit on the Sesame Street website, which has videos, printable brochures, eBooks and apps.

"The incarceration of a loved one can be very overwhelming for both children and caregivers," a message on the website reads. "Here are some tools to help you with the challenges your child is going through."

A video shows two muppets, Abby and Rosita, who talk with a Muppet boy who has a father in jail.

While they are talking, a woman named Sofia comes in and tells the boy that she knows what he is going through, as her dad also went to jail.

The toolkit also has "tips" on how to prepare for a child to visit a parent in prison.

"Before you visit your incarcerated loved one, let your child know some of the things she can expect to happen. For instance, 'We won't be able to sit in the same room with Mommy, but we can see her through a window and read a story together," it said. 

"When explaining where an incarcerated parent is, you can say, 'Daddy is in a place called prison [or jail] for a while. Grownups sometimes go to prison when they break a rule called a law.'" 

Sources: Daily Mail,Sesame Street


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