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Alert Dog Saves Diabetic Girl Five Miles Away (Video)

A dog allegedly noticed a diabetic girl's blood sugar levels dropping from five miles away (video below).

Sadie Brooks, who has type I diabetes, was at school one day when the family’s dog began acting strangely at home, according to KUTV.

Hero began whining loudly.

“He's normally a very quiet dog. Whining is not in his protocol. But he just started whining and he would not stop,” Michelle, Sadie’s mother, told KUTV.

Michelle decided to call Sadie’s school.

“[Sadie's mom] called me and asked if I could check her numbers and they were fine,” Ms. Stoneman, Sadie’s teacher, added. “I tested her and it was fine. Then within half an hour she went down.”

Sadie’s blood sugar levels dropped from 122 to 82 during that time.

“The lows are more dangerous immediately,” Michelle said. “[With] lows, she could go into a diabetic coma right away, and she could die, if we kept her low too long.”

But the dog’s sensitivity allowed Hero to alert the mother, who was able to intervene.

Michelle was not the only one surprised by Hero’s abilities.

“I'll be honest, it kinda blew my mind,” Caroline Knadler, principal at Sadie’s school, added. “We're here and the dog is way over in Pleasant Grove.”

This has created responses from some puzzled people.

“How can it be based on smell?” Knadler wondered. “It really got me thinking. What is Hero alerting on.”

Others are less convinced that alert dogs are capable of detecting blood sugar changes.

Warren Retrievers, a group based in Virginia which sells alert dogs, is facing complaints in court from 35 people. Some, like Michelle Hunter, say they regret spending the thousands of dollars to get a dog which turned out not to perform.

KC Owens, who trained Hero, remains convinced.

“I’m very confident a dog can pick up a scent up to a mile, two miles away,” she told WJLA.

Sources: KUTV, WJLA / Photo credit: Sadie's Hero/Facebook via Metro

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