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Service Dog Calls 911, Saves Blind Owner During Fire

A service dog, Yolanda, saved her blind owner’s life during a home fire in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Aug. 6.

Fire officials say Yolanda dialed 911 using a special phone.

Firefighters dealt with the fire, while Yolanda's owner was taken to a local hospital for smoke inhalation.

Jen Leary, who founded the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team, told NBC Philadelphia that Yolanda called 911 in 2014 after her owner took a fall and became unconscious.

The Red Paw Emergency Relief Team posted pictures of Yolanda on its Facebook page after the incident and added the caption: "Our volunteers just dropped off food, toys, treats and supplies to Yolanda, who is a service dog for her owner, who is blind."

Yolanda and her owner were displaced by the fire, but are being helped by the Red Cross.

Sources: NBC Philadelphia, Red Paw Emergency Relief Team/Facebook / Photo credit: Red Paw Emergency Relief Team/Facebook


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