This Server’s Note to a Kind Patron Will Melt Your Heart


If you need a quick reminder that there are still a lot of really great people out there, this is the story for you.

A woman named Kristen was eating at Mimi’s Café in Victorville, Calif., recently when she realized that her group had been very loud. They were sitting beside a nice elderly couple, and although they hadn’t complained, Kristen felt the need to make things right by secretly picking up their tab.

Simple enough, right?

When the couple eventually asked for their check, Stephanie, the server who had been working their table, told them it was all taken care of. The elderly couple was very pleased.

As her husband began to head towards the door, the elderly woman pulled Stephanie aside and informed her that the gesture meant more than they could express because she had just lost her brother-in-law and was feeling down.  

After the couple left, Stephanie decided that Kristen should know the true impact of her seemingly simple kind gesture.  

“I knew there was no way to tell the table what had happened without breaking down myself," she told The Huffington Post. "So I put it in a note."

This was the note:

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"While my sister and cousin were fighting over who was going to pay our bill, I looked at the note and just started crying," Stephanie told The Huffington Post.

For obvious reasons, this story has gone viral.

It’s remarkable how uplifting a single kind gesture can be.


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