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Serial Tree Killer Chops Down Cedar Trees (Video)

El Dorado County, California resident Robert Dietz claims that someone has been chopping down his cedar trees and he has the video (below) to prove it.

Dietz told CBS Sacramento that he has been placing boobie traps and hidden cameras near his cedar trees, which were planted 25 years ago to reduce the noise from a nearby road.

“This person made sure these trees were killed and they didn’t grow back,” Dietz said.

Dietz claims the serial tree killer has struck three times in the last four months.

“If you saw the video, they don’t have a flashlight,” Dietz told KCRA-TV. “They did it by moonlight. This one they cut down Friday, I replanted. And here’s another one on Friday.”

The serial tree chopper doesn’t steal the trees, but tosses them into a nearby pond.

“They are strong enough to pick a 10-foot tree up and throw it from this road into the pond,” Dietz concluded. “They just cut them down just to cut them down.”

While it might sound like a personal grudge against Dietz, other people in the area have had their cedar trees killed as well.

Dietz plans to replant and replace the cedar trees, and is offering a reward for the serial tree killer's identity.

Source: CBS Sacramento


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