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Murder Victim's Father Attacks Killer In Court (Photos)

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The enraged father of a serial murder victim attacked his daughter's killer during a sentencing hearing in an Ohio courtroom on June 2. Earlier in the hearing, the killer was sentenced to death for the murders of the victim and two other women. 

Michael Madison, 38, was sentenced in the murders of the three women -- 38-year-old Angela Deskins, 28-year-old Shetisha Shaley, and 18-year-old Shirellda Terry -- which he committed in July 2013, according to CBS News. The bodies of the three victims were found wrapped in trash bags near Madison's apartment in East Cleveland, Ohio.

Van Terry, the father of Shirellda Terry, stood up to address the judge and speak about losing his daughter minutes after Madison was sentenced to death.

"Right now, I guess we're supposed to, in our hearts forgive this clown, who has touched our families, taken my child," the grieving father said in his speech before the court. He then paused and turned to look at Madison, who was sitting at the defense table, smirking.

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At this point, an enraged Terry lunged over the table at the killer. Courtroom deputies wrestled with the man while Madison and others near him scrambled to get out of the way. Someone was reportedly heard yelling "No!" and another person screaming "Terry!" amid the chaos.

After a 15-minute delay during which Terry was removed from the courtroom, Judge Nancy McDonnell continued with the proceeding. Madison did not appear to be injured in the attack.

Madison, a registered sex offender, was convicted of multiple counts of aggravated murder and kidnapping in May.

The victims' bodies were discovered in 2013 when a cable television worker reported a rancid odor in the garage at Madison's apartment building, according to the Daily Mail. When police arrived, they found one woman's decaying body in a trash bag. They later found two more bodies in the basement of an abandoned house and in the backyard of another home nearby.

Madison has admitted to strangling two of the women, but claims he does not remember killing the third.

Although defense attorneys brought up the killer's troubled upbringing at his trial, Judge McDonnell decided that the nature of Madison's crimes outweighed mitigating factors when handing down his sentence.  

Although Madison has been given the death penalty, his actual execution is likely to be years away because of lengthy appeals and a shortage of lethal injection drugs in Ohio. 

Sources: CBS News, Daily Mail / Photo credit: WJW via Daily Mail

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