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Serial Killer Laughs As He's Handed 4 Life Sentences (Photos)

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Serial Killer Laughs As He's Handed 4 Life Sentences (Photos) Promo Image

A convicted serial killer slouched, laughed and then clapped as he was given several life sentences for his role in a number of murders.

Cameron Wilson, 20, was found guilty of 13 total charges, including five murders, one rape, and three attempted murders, according to IOL News in South Africa. Judge Chantel Fortuin handed Wilson four life sentences in addition to 71 years in prison. He will serve the sentences concurrently.

When he heard the verdict, Wilson smirked and clapped before heading to the bailiff to be handcuffed. He had also spent much of the previous proceedings slouching in his chair, appearing uninterested in the entire process. He also mocked the victims' families during the sentencing hearing.

Three of the life sentences Wilson received were as a result of three murders: the killings of 18-year-old Lekita Moore, 16-year-old Stacy Lee Mohale, and Toyher Stober. Wilson reportedly stabbed Lekita 98 times, and raped and beat Mohale before lighting her on fire.

The fourth life sentence was for the rape of Dawney Davids, according to Eyewitness News in South Africa.

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Judge Fortuin examined Wilson's background and difficult upbringing, giving him a stiff sentence after deliberation.

"Millions of children grew up in such communities, but did not rape or kill," she told Wilson. "None of the victims did anything to provoke you before you killed them; the revolting scenes of the attacks." Wilson rolled his eyes and smirked at the mention of two of the murdered girls.

"You had opportunities to show sympathy and remorse, but chose not to. Witnesses spoke of fear -- tangible fear of witnesses -- which left an impression on the court," Judge Fortuin continued.

Witnesses to the sentencing hearing, many of whom were family members of the victims, repeatedly shouted at Wilson throughout the proceeding. Wilson, it seemed, enjoyed the taunts, as he giggled and shrugged in response. The gallery also cheered when Wilson's sentences were announced, according to Mirror.

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"How can you forgive a guy like that who thinks nothing about others’ lives?" Charles Moore, Lekita's father, told EWN.

"I cry every night for my child. She was my everything," Charles said, speaking to IOL. "[Wilson] took my source of energy away. She is never coming back to us," he said, noting he wished Wilson were sent to a prison far away from his town.

"He must feel the same way we feel," Charles said. "No one should be able to see him, not even his family. He is a serial killer."

Sources: IOL, EWN, Mirror / Featured Image: Buffy May/Flickr / Embedded Images: Shameila Fisher/EWN, Noor Slamdien/IOL

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