Serial Defecator Terrorizing Houston Neighborhoods at Night (Video)

An unidentified man has been defecating in people's yards and driveways at night in Houston, Texas.

“We’ve had reports from six to eight neighbors out there that someone is actually coming into their yard and defecating, generally on their driveways,” Harris County Sgt. J.C. Mosier told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

One homeowner, who has been hit six times, set up a surveillance camera that has partially recorded the defecator, notes KXAN (video below).

The defecator appears to be a Hispanic man with a moustache who relieves himself between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m.

“I think the neighbors are laughing about it, but that’s because it’s only happened to two houses in the neighborhood," stated a resident named Amy. "If it starts happening more, I think people might become enraged. How much poop can one man make though?”

“I’m thinking revenge poop is definitely a possibility," added Amy. "We’re all wondering, what did this person who’s having the creep-crapper hit their house repeatedly do?”

Sgt. Mosier recalled a similar defecator years ago in the Houston area.

“You have to worry about anybody that would go this extreme to do something, no matter what the reason," stated Sgt. Mosier. "You don’t know what a person like that is capable of.”

“We’re getting a few calls from people who might know who he is. As of yet, he’s not been arrested.”

Sources: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth and KXAN


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