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Serge Vorobyov Cited For Disorderly Conduct After Tossing $1,000 In Dollar Bills Into Crowd Below At Mall Of America

A man’s attempt to spread some holiday cheer in Minnesota backfired and resulted in a citation from the police.

Serge Vorobyov, who goes by the YouTube handle “Serge the Car Hauler,” threw $1,000 in dollar bills from the fourth floor of the Mall of America rotunda as a choir performed “Let it Snow” on the ground floor below.

The 29-year-old said he did it because he’s had a rough year and wanted to help others out.

“People think it’s an evil number, I thought it was supposed to be a lucky number,” he said on a YouTube vlog explaining the event. “I went through a horrible divorce, and she even took the cat and won’t tell me where it is. I thought I would just spread some holiday cheer … pay it forward.”

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that per police, Vorobyov admitted throwing the money, which he had stamped with his YouTube address to direct people to it. He was cited for causing the disruption and released at the scene.

Sarah Schmidt, spokesperson for Mall of America, said it’s the first time anyone has ever done something like that in the mall, but added that Vorobyov disrupted the performance and could’ve caused a serious situation.

Clearly, Vorobyov, who reportedly posted a photo of the disorderly conduct citation on his Facebook page, doesn’t agree.

“I don’t see how holiday cheer is disorderly conduct,” Vorobyov said.

Sources: CBS Minnesota, Minneapolis Star Tribune


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