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Serena Williams Shamed For 'Distracting' Uniform (Photo)

The British media has moved beyond the Brexit controversy and is now focusing instead on Serena Williams and her nipples.

Williams, arguably the world’s most successful female tennis player, has sparked controversy on Twitter during her recent matches at the prestigious Wimbledon tournament because her nipples are somewhat visible through her uniform, the Daily Mail reports.

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On Twitter, there are numerous tweets on the matter from viewers, many of whom said the nipples are "distracting."

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There have also been some Twitter users who have voiced their sarcastic approval or criticized the infantile nature of the complaints.

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Earlier in the tournament, which began June 27 and ends July 10, the BBC was criticized for showing too many slow-motion close-ups of the female participants, which some viewers said focused too much on the athletes' rear ends.

As for the nipple scandal, it has not yet reached the historic level of the famous Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction," in which Jackson’s breast was exposed for 9/16th of a second during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004, setting off worldwide hysteria.

While reflecting on the event, ESPN's Marin Cogan observed:

 ... Our children and our children's children will never need to dig up an actual time capsule to find out about the wardrobe malfunction. As soon as they hear about the time Janet Jackson's breast was exposed on live TV, they'll watch it online. And the reason they'll watch it online is that in 2004, Jawed Karim, then a 25-year-old Silicon Valley whiz kid, decided he wanted to make it easier to find the Jackson clip and other in-demand videos. A year later, he and a couple of friends founded YouTube, the largest video-sharing site of all time.(Facebook was launched three days after the halftime show.) "Janet Jackson" became the most searched term and image in Internet history.

The music business previously had a nipple scare in 1985, when the U.S. Congress debated legislation to put warning labels on recordings. The official bill sought to censor record covers that showed nudity, which it defined as "less than completely and opaquely covered human genitals, pubic region, buttocks, or female breast below a point immediately above the top of the areola," Kill Ugly Radio reported.

Frank Zappa, who testified before Congress on the matter, replied to that definition with the comment: "Now, I like nipples, I think they look good. And if you are going to look at a woman's breast, if you take the nipple off, which is the characterizing determining factor, what you got is a blob of fat there." And it was duly entered into the Congressional Record.

Oddly, the “characterizing determining factor” on Serena Williams’ "blobs of fat" have not yet made headlines in the U.S. media, so it has not officially been declared “Nipplegate.”

However, the obsession with nipples is still alive and well in America. Cosmopolitan magazine’s website, for example, has a listicle of “things you never knew about nipples,” and there are even websites devoted to celebrity nipple sightings.

So although the current hoopla over Serena Williams will soon fade, the public's fascination with the general topic shows no signs of going away.

Sources: Daily Mail, Kill Ugly Radio, Cosmopolitan, ESPN / Photo Credit: Andy Hooper/Daily Mail

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