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Sept. 11 ‘Memorial on Wheels’ Chevy Nova Being Sold for $30 Million

One lucky person can own a used 1975 Chevy Nova with an airbrushed mural commemorating 9/11 for only $30 million.

The “9/11 Memorial on Wheels” is listed in the November issue of Hemmings Motor News, with a full-page ad. The automobile illustrates the “disaster and the heroes on that day,” as described on the owner, Richard Lopez’ blog, “Memorial on Wheels.”

The vehicle has “travelled across the U.S. reminding people of the tragedy that took place on 9/11/2001.” The vehicle also features signatures of several governors and senators on the body.

Lopez said he built the car on a “desire to educate children and parents across the United States by sharing this vehicle with each of them, as a remembrance of the tragedy that we will always remember in hopes that our message of ‘Never Forget’ will touch many lives and help stop the aiding of terrorism in our youth across the nation.”

The million dollar price for this Nova is well above and beyond the top book value for it, which is around $9,000, but the average being about $5,000.

“The price that I am asking cannot be compared to other cars that have sold for millions of dollars, as this 9/11 car has a place in history and will become more valuable with time, as it is one of a kind,” Lopez said.

The driver’s side shows the South Tower of the World Trade Center being hit by UA flight 175, while former President Bush is being told by his aid about the attack during his visit at an elementary school. City workers, iron workers, firefighters and NYPD officers are also seen at the scene.

The passenger side of the car is a “response to the terrorists attacks,” according “Memorial on Wheels” blog. U.S. military is seen, as well as the bald eagle, a long-time American symbol.

Lopez credits airbrush artists Fred Spargo, Jaime Rodriguez, Pail Collins and Nancy Garcia for the design.



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