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Senior Taliban Official Denies Being In Pakistan Despite Twitter Update

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A senior Taliban official has denied he is in Pakistan after a tweet he posted on Friday tagged his location as “Sindh, Pakistan."

Zabihullah Mujahid, whose location is meant to be top secret, later posted on Twitter that the tagging of Pakistan as his location was an “enemy plot." Mujahid instead insisted that he was in Afghanistan.

“My Twitter account has been manipulated – as part of weak efforts of enemy plot, it showed that I am based in Sindh of Pakistan,” Mujahid tweeted after his followers pointed out the location. “I call this attempt as fake and shame [sic].”

Mujahid added that the enemy’s plot has now been pointed out and that he can proudly claim his official location as Afghanistan.

The tweet is especially significant since Pakistan has often been accused of having secret links with the Taliban, though the government has often denied those claims.

Twitter noted that its geolocation data is based on latitude and longitude data, as well as other information provided by users at the time of their tweet. The social media platform also includes a warning to its users that once something is posted, anyone can see it.

Mujahid, the official spokesperson for the Taliban in Afghanistan, has almost 6,000 followers on his Twitter account.

Sources: NY Daily News, Independent


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