Senior Prank Leads To Evacuation, Arrests At North Carolina High School


A high school in North Carolina was evacuated following a senior prank that went awry, landing two students in jail.

Police received a call from South Iredell High School in Iredell, North Carolina, around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday about a potential explosive device on campus, deputies said. According to Troutman police, a message had been sent to seniors in the school prior to that day that read, “bring your alarm clocks.”

Students Shannon Farrell and Lakia Hall, both 18 years old, reportedly brought alarm clocks and zip ties to the school and put them inside of empty lockers. The plan was to have the alarms go off at different times throughout the day, WCNC reports.

Farrell’s father, Dan, told WSOC-TV that his daughter told him of the prank and he felt it was harmless.

“They took alarm clocks; she told us what she was going to do," he said. "They took alarm clocks and put them in lockers no longer used and set them to go off every few minutes."

His younger daughter called him after police found the devices and arrested Shannon.

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The 1,700 students at the high school were evacuated following the incident, and a bomb-sniffing dog was brought on campus to assist in the investigation. 

“(We’ve) got to take this very seriously,” Troutman police chief Matthew Selves said, according to WSOC-TV. “Even though it was a hoax we had to get all the resources, lock the school down, get the students out to the football field safe and sound.”

Farrell and Hall were charged with felony hoax by use of false bomb in a public building, as well as obstruction of justice. Their bonds were set at $10,000. They were bailed out and released to their guardians.

“As parents, I ask for your help in reminding your students that while they may believe something is innocent,” South Iredell principal Tim Ivey said in a statement, “an immediate response may be necessary to ensure the safety and security of all students and staff.”

Sources: WCNC, WSOC

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