Senior Citizens Tackle Would-Be Purse Snatcher To The Ground


A group of Florida senior citizens fought back against a would-be robber who was trying to purse snatch from one of their own.

On Christmas Day, Larry Kent Jr., 45, allegedly tried to steal the purse of a 68-year-old woman outside Buffet City restaurant in Winter Haven, Florida.

The attempted purse snatching did not go as Kent planned.

The woman would not let her purse go and began screaming while Kent dragged her 15 feet across the parking lot. That is when two of her senior friends, ages 73 and 66, tackled Kent, keeping him pinned to the ground until police arrived, reports The Tampa Tribune.

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After shouting that Kent had a gun, another man, age 67, ran over and helped keep Kent restrained while one of the friends grabbed his weapon.

"His legs were kicking this that and the other, so I grabbed his legs so he wouldn't kick the others," said Pat Cameron.

“I didn’t care that he had a gun, I just wanted to help them out,” Cameron said.

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The gun Kent had turned out to be a BB gun, reports The Daily Mail.

Cameron’s wife witnessed the fight, but was hesitant over her husband getting involved.

“I was a little concerned,” said his wife Glenda Cameron. “I said just don't get involved but I'm glad he did go over because it could've been me.”

Glenda made sure the responding police officers knew people should not mess with senior citizens.

“I even said to the police officers don't mess with the seniors they fight back,” Glenda said.

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Kent, a convicted criminal who has been arrested 17 times in Polk County, was taken into custody.

"Mr. Kent is spending his Christmas, and we can only hope many, many, more behind bars," said Jamie Brown with the Winter Haven Police Department to FOX 13.

Kent was charged with felony crimes including robbery with a firearm.

Sources: The Daily Mail, FOX 13, The Tampa Tribune / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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