Senator Marco Rubio To Headline Anti-Gay Fundraiser


The anti-gay and pro-life group Florida Family Policy Council has found its annual dinner keynote speaker in Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), the nonprofit announced Thursday.

The Nov. 16 fundraiser will honor Mathew Staver, the founder of Liberty Counsel, a Christian ministry non-profit litigation group that promotes the “advancement of family and human life” through anti-gay lawsuits and supporting anti-abortion legislation.

The FFPC is led by John Stemberger, who is most known for being the founder of the alternative Boy Scouts group that bans openly gay scouts.

Meanwhile Rubio, a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, is staunchly opposed to abortions and supports a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. At the Conservative Political Action Conference in March, the senator said that while he is against same-sex marriage, it doesn’t mean he’s a bigot.

“Just because I believe that states should have the right to define marriage in the traditional way does not make me a bigot,” he said.

Rubio’s appearance at the fundraiser will be one of many recent public appearances as he promotes his “Christian” values and the  “American dream.”

“I’ve also been lectured, as many of you have, that we need to stop talking about social issues if we want to win elections, but if we’re serious about saving the American dream, we can’t stop talking about these issues,” Rubio said at the Values Voter Summit in October.

This week, the Florida senator also took the time to speak candidly about another potential Republican presidential candidate, GOP Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) and his landslide reelection victory.

“I think we need to understand that some of these races don’t apply to future races. Every race is different – it has a different set of factors – but I congratulate [Christie] on his own,” Rubio told CNN’s Dana Bash.

Sources: Huffington Post, Broward Palm Beach New Times, CNN


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