Kaine: Trump Has Most GOP Senators 'Deeply Worried'

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Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia estimated that three out of four GOP senators are "deeply worried" about the actions of President Donald Trump, particularly after he reportedly shared classified information with Russian officials.

"I know from my dialogue with my colleagues that probably two-thirds of the Republicans in the Senate are deeply worried about President Trump," the 2016 vice presidential nominee told TIME on May 16. "A handful have been willing to say so. Sen. [Bob] Corker [of Tennessee] last night was quick to characterize what is happening at the White House as a downward spiral that is driven largely by their own lack of discipline. And other members have been blunt too. But many more than have said so have the same concerns."

A FiveThirtyEight investigation released May 10 found that a quarter of Republican senators had made statements in support of the president's firing of former FBI Director James Comey, although there are no empirical metrics to support the legislator's approximation.

Kaine said that the news regarding Trump's communication with Russia has slowed down productivity, pointing out as an example that he would normally be "in the middle of committee hearings" late Tuesday morning, rather than speaking with a reporter, notes TIME.

"I think [Trump] has lost all credibility here on the Hill with respect to his role as Commander-in-Chief," added Kaine. "His national security credibility has been lost, and I think the combined bombshells of the last week ... have hijacked every other bit of legislative agenda."

Since losing the election alongside Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Kaine has remained vocal and has not held back from criticizing President Trump on a number of occasions.

Earlier in May, Kaine blasted Trump for firing Comey, saying that "there is a pattern" between Comey's departure and a number of other events, including former National Security Adviser retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn stepping down after he misled top officials regarding his ties to Russia, Trump replacing former acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates after she instructed the Justice Department to block an executive order, and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself from any pending or future investigations regarding Trump's campaign, according to ABC News.

"That shows that we have a deeply insecure president who understands that the noose is tightening because of this [FBI] Russia investigation and that's why I believe he has let Jim Comey go," Kaine told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos. "I think there is an effort to stop this investigation in its track. … There's more to come and we need a special prosecutor."

Sources: TIME, ABC News, FiveThirtyEight / Photo Credit: Tim Pierce/Flickr

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