Sen. Rand Paul Wants to Allow Guns in Post Offices


Tea Party favorite Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) wants to remove the federal ban on guns in post offices.

According to The Washington Post, Sen. Paul proposed an amendment to a postal reform bill to allow firearms in post offices.

The Washington Examiner says Sen. Paul's amendment would save gun owners the unbearable hassle of having to unholster their weapons and keep them in their cars while mailing a letter or package.

A pro-gun group, National Association for Gun Rights, is calling for people to “stand with Senator Paul by taking action right away.”

The National Association for Gun Rights also claimed, "'Gun-free zones’ are really ‘criminal safezones’ that only serve to provide would-be criminals with a place to find unarmed victims” and that “no law-abiding citizen should be disarmed and placed at the mercy of would be criminals.”

Before a federal law made the post office a "gun-free zone," there were numerous shootings, including a 1986 shooting in Edmond, Okla. by "disgruntled" postal worker Patrick Sherrill, notes the Oklahoma Historical Society.

When Sherrill shot and killed 14 people when there was no law banning guns in post offices. However, neither Sen. Paul or the National Association for Gun Rights mentioned this or any shootings that occurred in post offices before the federal law went into effect.

Sources: Oklahoma Historical Society, National Association for Gun Rights, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Post


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