Sen. Jeff Flake Flip-Flops on Promise to Support Background Checks to Mother of Aurora, Colorado Victim


Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) told the mother of an Aurora, Colorado, theater mass shooting victim that he supported expanding gun background checks, but then changed his mind last week and voted to kill the bill.

In his letter to Caren Teves (below), Sen. Flake wrote that “strengthening background checks is something we agree on," reports the NY Daily News.

Caren's son Alex Teves died in the Aurora theater shooting while protecting his girlfriend.

Caren Teves wrote a letter to Sen. Flake and “invited him to our home to sit in our son’s chair, his empty chair” and “feel the emptiness and have dinner with us and discuss” gun control.

That's when Sen. Flake mailed Caren Teves a hand-written letter claiming he supported expanding background checks.

According to, Sen. Flake now says that he opposed the gun background bill because it “would expand background checks far beyond commercial sales to include almost all private transfers, including between friends and neighbors,” which is absoutely false.

In fact, the Senate bill made exemptions for friends and neighbors.

Source: NY Daily News and

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