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Sen. Perdue: It's Time For An Outsider To Be President

Republican Sen. David Perdue of Georgia believes the GOP needs to accept change and support Donald Trump as their presidential nominee.

Perdue said in an op-ed in the Washington Post:

…a small enclave of career politicians within our party is still struggling to understand the mass appeal of Donald Trump. These D.C. insiders are so caught up in the Washington bubble that they failed to realize the world around them has changed. 

For too long, career politicians have over promised and under-delivered. The constant gridlock and lack of results in Washington is unacceptable. We have a political system that protects those in power and leaves the American people behind.

Perdue, the only former Fortune 500 CEO in Congress, then remarks on how Georgia made it clear to the establishment when he ran for the Senate that they wanted an outsider.

He believes the American people are now making that same choice with Trump.

“We should welcome it,” Perdue said of a Trump candidacy.

During Perdue’s campaign -- and months before Trump announced he would be running for president -- the two men met.

Following their meeting, Trump took to Twitter to praise Perdue.

“Just met with David Perdue @Perduesenate. He’s a fantastic guy who will fight hard against Obamacare. He will win!” he tweeted.

Perdue overcame the odds to win the Republican Senate seat.

“In my race, the establishment types said I wasn’t Republican enough,” he said in the op-ed. “They warned the party faithful that I hadn’t paid my political dues and that voting for me would be risky. Never mind the fact I had spent my career running major companies and creating jobs, versus running for political office as a full-time job.”

Perdue remarks that people responded well to his use of business terms while campaigning versus normal political jargon, or the usual GOP talking points, which is similar to how Trump has approached the campaign process.

“The antiquated tactics that were used unsuccessfully against me have been deployed against Mr. Trump, and the voters responded in similar fashion,” Perdue said. “They ignored the preachy pundits, the ideology police, and the Washington establishment.

“They chose a different type of candidate because they believe to get different results, you have to send a different type of person to Washington.”

Perdue goes on to praise Trump’s background and campaign methods and believes he is the candidate who can win against Hillary Clinton, who is still battling Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont for the Democratic nomination.

“He is the only true outsider running for president," he said. "Now, he can focus on dismantling the Republican Party’s real opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“While unpredictability shakes those conditioned to protect their own power, anyone who still has doubts about Mr. Trump should stop agonizing for a minute, take a deep breath, and at least contemplate the value of having such a unique asset at the top of our ticket.”

Perdue then urges the Republican Party to support Trump in order to make sure he wins in November so the country may avoid four more years of liberal, progressive politics.

“We have a unique opportunity to finally change course,” he said. “It is time for an outsider in the White House. It is time to let Trump be Trump, and to help him win this election."

Sources: Washington Post, Donald Trump on Twitter / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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