Sen. Cory Booker: Sanders Has The Right Rhetoric, But Clinton Has The Right Policies


New Jersey Senator Cory Booker defended Hillary Clinton's Wall Street plan in an interview with CNN. 

Booker, who endorsed Clinton for President, said that the former Secretary of State has the superior policy over rival Bernie Sanders when it comes to Wall Street.

"I've looked at objective folks who have analyzed what Hillary Clinton's plan is -- better than Bernie Sanders'," Booker told Jake Tapper.

"His rhetoric may be fiery and the like, but as far as somebody who's actually put the plans and strategies to reform Wall Street -- I think if you look at objective observers -- I'd stick with what Hillary Clinton wants to do, intends to do and has a plan to implement."

Clinton has recently attempted to paint Sanders as a "single-issue candidate" who's focused solely on Wall Street reform. She's stressed that her plan for reform is tougher on Wall Street than Sanders, though the Vermont Senator argued that Clinton's proposal doesn't implement a Depression-era law that splits commercial and investment banks.

Booker reiterated his support for Clinton's policy in an interview with Business Insider.

"When I look at pragmatic plans on how to reform Wall Street, if you separate the people and their personalities, and you were to put up the detailed plan that Hillary Clinton put forward, and the detailed plan that Bernie Sanders [put forward], ... clearly the plan that Hillary has, to me, is a better plan to reforming Wall Street and creating real incentives."

Sources: CNN, Business Insider / Photo credit: Flickr

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