Sen. Saxby Chambliss Fires Anti-Gay Staffer, Apologizes


More than a week ago, a member of Georgia Republican Saxby Chambliss’s staff posted the comment “All F*ggots Must Die,” at the website JoeMyGod.com, in blogger Joe Jervis’s post about the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell cloture vote.

Last week, Chambliss admitted that the comment had originated from his office, but took no further action, and made no further statement, until yesterday.  Jervis says Senator Chambliss called him personally to offer his sincerest apologies and to assure him that the staffer has been fired. Jervis says the staffer’s identity and his role in Chambliss’ office has not been released.

Chambliss is correct in saying that such language is “unacceptable.”  But he didn’t need to wait until the lengthy investigation was complete to say so publicly, especially with tensions still high after he and his fellow Republicans blocked debate on overturning the military’s ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly.


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