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Selfies Lead To Phone Thief's Arrest

An unidentified woman let Kya Dowdy borrow her smartphone to supposedly call for a ride at a Greyhound bus terminal in Nashville, Tennessee, but Dowdy ran off with the phone into a waiting car.

"I chased her, I wasn't thinking," the victim told WMC Action News 5. "I chased her because I was like 'give me my phone!’”

Dowdy got away, but she has since been apprehended thanks to her selfie obsession.

Whenever a photo was taken on the victim’s smartphone, it was sent to her email account. Authorities used the photos to track down Dowdy, who then admitted she took the phone and assaulted the victim when she tried to get her phone back.

Dowdy is currently being held in jail on a $25,000 bond.

Before Dowdy was caught, the victim told reporters she was tired of looking at Dowdy.

"She's taking selfies every day, and every day I see this girl's picture, every day,” she said.

Now, the victim can at least add Dowdy’s mug shot to her collection.

Sources: WMC Action News 5 (2) Image via WMC Action News 5


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