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This Selfie Just Landed A Mom In Hot Water (Photo)

This Selfie Just Landed A Mom In Hot Water (Photo) Promo Image

Fitness guru and model Chontel Duncan received backlash from social media users when she posted a picture of herself and her 13-day-old son, since some say she’s not holding him properly.

Duncan, 27, gave birth to her son on March 25. In photos posted to Instagram, she holds him near her chest with his head leaning back.

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"Omg that [baby’s] poor neck," one person commented, according to Daily Mail. "Hold [your] child properly! More important than a selfie."

Other commenters came to Duncan’s defense and said there was no problem with how she was holding her son.

"Supporting the baby’s head is a myth, my doctor and nurses supported not holding the head and I’m so glad I didn’t, my daughter was stronger than ever," one person commented, according to the Huffington Post

After reading the negative comments, Duncan reposted the picture alongside one of her holding her son’s head against her chest. She explained that her son had lifted his head in the photo but laid his head back on her chest following the snap.

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Duncan noted that newborns can lift their own heads and that if people don’t have faith in her to protect her son they can unfollow her page. Her second photo received much more positive comments.

Lesley Gilchrist, midwife and founder of Bespoke Birthing, told the Huffington Post that it’s difficult to tell in the photo if the baby is being held incorrectly or not. She said the baby’s head is in fact too far back, adding that protecting a newborn is more about making sure they can breath properly than protecting their heads.

Duncan originally shot into fame after she posted pictures of herself next to another pregnant woman. Duncan and the woman were only four to five weeks apart in pregnancies, but they looked remarkably different.

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Duncan was also known for displaying pictures of her pregnant stomach with her abs still visible.

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