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Self-Proclaimed Welfare Queen Receives Unexpectedly Large Amount From Government Annually

A mother of 12 who receives over $60,000 a year in benefits and compares herself to Princess Diana has been called the most “shameless” mother in the U.K.

Cheryl Prudham was featured in Benefits: Britain’s Most Shameless Mum recently. During the show, Prudham admitted to pulling her kids out of school for vacations. Prudham, who has smoked through her most recent pregnancy, admitted that she spends at least $30,000 a year on her children for just birthday and Christmas presents.

Prudham and her husband once even spent taxpayer money on a petrol-fuelled quad bike for their 6-year-old son. In a portion of the documentary, their son can be seen riding recklessly without a helmet on the bike.

Although Prudham made headlines after claiming it was “easy” to receive thousands of dollars in benefits, she compared herself to Princess Diana.

“[Princess Diana] just wanted to be left alone. Yes, I do understand how celebrities feel and film stars,” Prudham said. “Sometimes people need to be left alone they’re only human after all.”

Prudham, who admitted to hating pregnancy, went as far as hiring an agent to deal with the press attention her statements have gotten.

At the end of the documentary, Prudham arrives home after a taxpayer funded C-section and states that she doesn’t care about her reputation.

“I really don’t care what anybody thinks or anyone says,” Prudham said.

According to Prudham, this most recent pregnancy is her last planned one, but she could possibly have more children in the future. That means more taxpayer money in the future for her and her family. 

Sources: MirrorDailyMail

Photo Credit: Pathram Live


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