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Self-Proclaimed Marijuana Activist Brags About Driving to Food Bank in Limo (Video)

Self-proclaimed pro-marijuana activist Mark Roen posted a Youtube video Thursday bragging about arriving at a food bank in his limo and hauling home free supplies.

Roen, also known as “Bong Rip”, admitted that his actions may not be “100 percent morally correct” but that his efforts have exposed how the homeless supposedly exploit the Huntington Beach charity system.

"Look at me, dressed...nicely shaven, hair washed. The lady's asking me if I'm homeless,” Roen said in his video. “I had to say yes. I wasn't really prepared for the whole scam."

The Youtube entertainer added that he lives in his music studio, his limo and occasionally on his parents’ couch. Technically, Roen argued, he is homeless.

Roen also defended his actions by claiming to expose the high sodium products given to the homeless by an unspecified church-run food bank.

In response to the tasteless video, executive director of Someone Cares, a soup kitchen in Costa Mesa, said it was disheartening to see someone like Roen make fun of a person’s unfortunate position.

Lt. Mitch O’Brien of the Huntington Beach Police Department said that while lying to a food bank is disrespectful and rude, Roen technically didn’t commit a crime.

Roen reported that he will return to the food bank Thursday to live stream himself taking food from the kitchen.

Sources: The Huffington Post, NewsFix


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