Seemingly Drunk Driver Gets Off Without Charges After Making Phone Call (Video)


Witness cell phone video out of Richmond, Va., shows a seemingly drunk woman inexplicably getting out of a DUI.

The incident started around 12:30 a.m. early Sunday morning after a car crash took place on East Broad Street. According to witnesses, a man driving a small SUV hit a parked car. Police arrived at the scene and arrested the driver of the SUV. But as police and witnesses remained outside at the scene of the accident, something far more strange took place.

According to witness S. Preston Duncan, a woman driving well over the speed limit blew through two stop signs and almost hit police and witnesses at the scene of the accident.

“The car blew through the stop sign without decelerating, and we were forced to flee the street towards the sidewalk,” Duncan wrote in a post recapping the incident. “The oncoming vehicle slammed on its brakes, swerved around the damaged vehicles, nearly hitting the cop car (lights still blaring), and [was] forced to a stop, right where we had all been standing, by one of the officers tending to the accident.”

Duncan says the woman driving the car seemed out of control after being stopped.

According to Duncan, the driver “nearly immediately breaks into hysterics, alternating between what sounds like crying and laughing, and demanding the cop tell her what she "legally did wrong." She then got out of her car, spilling the entire contents of her purse on the street while trying to argue with the attending officer, and stumbled around for a minute before being told to get back in her car. She repeated this scene, minus the purse spilling, at least three times, each time being told forcefully to return to her vehicle. She also hit her face on her steering wheel so hard her horn sounded.

Witnesses then heard the girl mutter words about her father to the attending officer. The officer allowed the girl to call her father, and about 30 minutes later a truck arrived at the scene. A middle-aged man and his wife got out of the truck.

“The Fiat driver once again got out of her car, and started stumbling towards the man from the truck, yelling unintelligibly about the situation,” Duncan wrote. “He shouted, ‘Katie, shut up and get back in the car! I'm going to let them take you if you don't get back in the car NOW!’”

The man and an officer at the scene then walked away and spoke for a few moments. Upon returning, the man walks the incoherent girl from her car to the truck. The man’s wife gets in the girl’s car and drives away. Here’s the complete video:

All together, it looks like someone who at the least should have been administered sobriety tests was let off the hook because of a convenient social connection. The Richmond Police Department says it is aware the cell phone video and is investigating the matter. 

Sources: WTVR, RVA Mag


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