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See What Happens When You Put A Dead Rat In Mountain Dew (Video)

After a man reportedly found a dead mouse in his Mountain Dew and argued with Pepsi-Cola over the possibility of the incident, he decided to test the theory for himself.

Pepsi-Cola reportedly claimed that it would be impossible to find a mouse in the can of Mountain Dew, because the soda would dissolve it. In a video recently gone viral, the man sticks a dead rat into a jar filled with Mountain Dew. After 30 days and an extra seven “just to be sure," the man takes the jar outside to reveal his findings.

The results of his experiment are disgusting.

Nothing but a layer of goo that used to be the rat is left. Taking the experiment one step further, the man tries to grab the rodent with tongs but fails, since only a soupy mess remains.

The man then pours the jar onto the concrete sidewalk, proving what Pepsi-Cola said to be true.

Some commenters have noted that the company’s statement should never have been doubted. Others have suggested that the same thing would happen to a rat soaked in orange juice. Another group has noted that it would be almost impossible for a rat to even work its way into an aluminum soda can. 

To date, the video has been viewed over 1 million times.

Sources: Mad World News, The Official Game / Photo Credit: YouTube


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