See It: Shocking Road Rage Confrontation Catches Driver Totally Off Guard (Video)


A road rage assault was caught on closed-circuit television as a driver leaps from her van to confront another motorist who is completely unaware of what is happening.

Police are still looking for the attacker, reportedly a white woman in her 20s. In the video, she jumps out of her vehicle and grabbed the victim by her hair as she walks casually passed a vegetable display outside a store in Handsworth Wood, Birmingham.

Concerned citizens gather but fail to intervene as she is thrown to the ground repeatedly.

According to Police Officer Geraldine Sprigg, the victim “may have lost consciousness” during the attack.

“This was an unprovoked and violent attack on a woman who had asked the driver to move her car which was blocking the road,” Sprigg told the Mail Online. “We are asking for anyone who saw the incident or who recognizes the woman driver to contact us.”

Witnesses said the victim had asked the attacker to move her Volkswagen Touran. The van was sitting in the middle of the road and the attacker sat in the passenger seat while her companion, the driver, ran inside a nearby shop.

The attacker reportedly refused to move and the victim parked elsewhere.

When the woman in the van later saw the victim entering the shop she attacked her. The victim was left with bruises but was otherwise unharmed.

Sources: Metro, Daily Mail

Image screenshot: YouTube


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