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Man Dresses In Child's Barbie Costume, Attacks Woman In Bathroom (Video)

A man wearing a child-size Barbie costume allegedly attacked a woman inside the bathroom at a San Diego Big Lots.

The man was caught on store surveillance footage taken Feb. 28.

During a preliminary court hearing Monday, the victim said 40-year-old Gregory Philip Schwartz called into her stall in the women’s bathroom.

She said she was inside the stall, when she noticed a pair of men’s feet in the stall next to her. The man then peered over the top of the stall, dropped to the ground, and crawled under the partition.

“He got right in,” said the victim, who was not identified.

“He made his hand into a C-clamp,” she testified. “He put his hand on my neck and pushed me against the wall.”

She believes Schwartz intended to rape her.

“I just told myself, ‘I’d rather die than be raped by this man,’” she said. “So I thought my best option was to at least fight.”

The woman managed to fight off the attacker, escape the bathroom and call for help. The suspect fled the scene.

Four days later Schwartz, who was living in his car, was arrested.

A judge initially said there wasn’t enough evidence for Schwartz to stand trial, then the surveillance footage was entered into evidence. It shows him enter the bathroom wearing the Barbie costume before the victim. She enters and moments later the victim and the suspect flee the bathroom.

He is scheduled to return to court on Aug. 25.

Sources: Daily News, San Diego 6

Image screenshot: YouTube


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