Watch How Sun Noodle’s Ramen Factory Produces Noodles From Start To Finish (Video)


Ramen noodles are popular among college students and those who want a convenient, affordable meal.

But have you ever wondered how this budget-friendly meal is made?

In a short clip from Potluck Video, a crew traveled to Sun Noodle in Teterboro, New Jersey, to learn the process of making this starchy snack.

The factory makes 40 different types of dough and 150 different styles of noodles. They produce about 20,000 servings of noodles using 40,000 pounds of flour to be packed and shipped around the world every day.

The video has gone viral and has garnered nearly 800,000 views since it was first uploaded on July 10.

Check out the video below as Sun Noodle shows you how they produce a large number of ramen noodles from start to finish.

Then, go get a chewy, Asian noodle soup dish or a trendy ramen burger, which replaces traditional buns with fried ramen noodles.

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