See This Dad Use Vacuum To Style Daughter’s Hair Into Ponytail In Less Than 20 Seconds (Video)


This is what happens when a father is left alone to do his daughter’s hair.

The 17-second video below shows Rene Ortner using a vacuum cleaner and a hair tie to fasten his little girl’s hair up into a ponytail.

He then puts her blonde hair inside the vacuum tube, before sliding the tie off the nozzle to make a ponytail.

Ortner is then heard laughing as his little girl turns around and throws a surprised look at the camera.

The short video was uploaded on July 16 and has since gone viral, gaining nearly 500,000 views as of this writing.

It is not the first time this innovative way of tying hair has been seen. One English dad also styled the perfect ponytail earlier this year by using the vacuum technique.

Watch how Ortner masters the art of the ponytail below:

Sources: New York Daily News, Yahoo News

Video Source: YouTube/Rene Ortner


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