See 4 Venomous King Cobras ‘Protect’ Sleeping Baby (Video)


Babies are usually given soft and cuddly toys to play with, but one baby is surrounded by highly venomous snakes.

A video posted on YouTube shows what appears to be four cobras standing guard around an infant sleeping on a bed.

The short clip has sparked debate between internet users with many pointing out the irresponsibility of the baby’s parents. Some believe that because female king cobras build nests for their eggs, and may be the only snakes in the world to do so, the reptiles are protecting the baby out of maternal instinct.

Others were more skeptical, saying cobras are often defanged in India to make them harmless, and this could just be the work of a snake charmer.

The 36-second clip, titled “Four Cobra Snakes Protecting a Sleeping Baby,” has garnered more than 3 million views.

It is unclear where the video was filmed, what the context is or who gets the award for worst babysitter.

Watch the video below:

Sources: Huffington Post, The Animal Spot, Daily Mirror

Video Source: YouTube/Mike J


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